• How to install the Newovi Visionera?
    • Detail video explanation for hardware (Visionera 2100): 

    • Detail video explanation for hardware (Visionera 3000): 

    • Preparing your device for Newovi Cloud Server

    • Detail video explanation for the App & Cloud System

  • What is the measurement distance?

The maximum measurement distance is 1.2 meters (approximately 4 feet).

  • Is tech support available?

Yes, you can contact with our tech team via email hello@newovi.com

  • What is the speed processing each person?

0.1 second (100 ms)

  • What is the power source? 

DC power 12V input

  • Can it store / record data / create a log? 

Visionera 1800 and Visionera 2100 can work offline, and can collect logs in the device. If would like reach and collect this data remotely, must connect the device to the internet, and open account to cloud service.

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